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20 Mar 2020Market Volatility: Is this time Different?

Money Life Podcast with Chuck Jaffe: Fritz Folts, 3EDGE Asset Management’s Chief Investment Strategist, talks about catalysts for bear markets and why this time may be different. In a conversation with Chuck Jaffe, he discus…

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07 Feb 2020February 2020: View from the EDGE

The Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is creating uncertainty related to its potential impact on economic demand and supply chain management centered in Asia. At the same time, recent changes in several economic indicators such as fa…

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30 Dec 2019Impeachment Impacts on the Market

Watch TheStreet Video, How History Can Help Investors Understand Impeachment Impacts on the Market here.

According to Fritz Folts, chief investment strategist at 3EDGE, the two have quite a bit in common.


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13 Dec 2019Decision day for the Fed – what to expect

Investors await the Fed announcement on rates today. Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, Emily McCormick, Steve Cucchiaro of 3EDGE Asset Management and Lindsey Piegza – Stifel Chief Economist discuss. …

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11 Nov 2019Most Loved (and Hated) Quant Trade Lures $3 Billion to ETFs

It’s one of the most polarizing strategies there is, yet betting on value stocks is back in vogue for investors in exchange-traded funds.

More than $3 billion poured into ETFs that focus on undervalued companies in October, the …

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