Today’s uncertain and volatile markets impact institutions and their employees more than ever.  Leverage our expertise in tactical investment management to build portfolios that aim to weather all market cycles.


Since the financial crisis of 2008 and through the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s major central banks have intervened in the global markets to an unprecedented degree. With asset prices climbing more quickly than underlying economic growth, investors may face risks unlike those experienced in recent history.  We believe that our team’s collective experience coupled with our scientifically-based, proprietary investment approach offers the best opportunity to navigate markets profitably and safely.


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Our team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals that bring an impressive array of skills and expertise to institutional clients.  Many members of the Investment Committee have worked together for decades and are recognized for their leadership in utilizing ETFs to build active portfolios on behalf of state pension plans, endowments and foundations.

President & Chief Investment Officer, Steve Cucchiaro, is well known for his use of proprietary investment research methods including the application of system dynamics and AI/machine learning to analyze global capital markets.  He was the founder and served as the President & CIO of Windward Investment Management Inc., which was acquired by Charles Schwab in 2010.  From the early days of Windward through June 2014, assets under management under Mr. Cucchiaro’s tenure grew from less than $75 million to nearly $20 billion. Learn more about Our Team.
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We believe that using traditional quantitative analysis alone to analyze global capital markets can be fraught with risks.  At 3EDGE, we first arrive at the essential theories that explain the underlying fundamental, economic and behavioral cause-and-effect relationships that drive the global capital markets (deductive).  We then test these theories through robust quantitative modeling (inductive).

Our research extends as far back as the 1870s to capture and study market dynamics that include periods of deflation, rapid inflation, world wars, currency wars, depressions and even pandemics in an effort to manage portfolio risk more comprehensively, while still seeking to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Learn more about our Investment Research Model.

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Institutional portfolios are trying to adapt to a shifting investment landscape. We help you anticipate and prepare for different scenarios. 

We have a perspective on the global capital markets and like to share it.  Stay informed with the monthly View From the EDGE to obtain our outlook for various asset classes and geographies. Listen to a podcast version, download a PDF or watch a short video. We update our video library regularly to bring you our insights on topical issues. Most importantly, our clients have access to our research and investment team members for any topics they wish to explore further.

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