You’ve worked hard to create your wealth. Our goal is to let you focus on your life and leave navigating the ups and downs of the markets to us. Whether you are planning for retirement or saving for the next generation, let us help you meet your investment needs.


diverse Portfolio

Build Diversified Portfolios

You’ve likely heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” when it comes to investing.  Building diversified portfolios is the core of what we do at 3EDGE.  This includes spanning different geographies and looking at various asset classes like equities, fixed income, real assets as well as cash.  Investment returns could vary significantly across the globe and across asset classes from year to year.  We combine the decades of collective experience of our team with our proprietary model to construct the right mix of portfolios for different financial goals.


Active, Tactical Investment Management

Simply put, we adjust our investment strategies when our outlook for the global capital markets changes.  If we see signs of storms on the horizon, we look for a path to get out of the way.  In contrast, a more traditional balanced portfolio is likely to remain fully invested regardless of the market environment.  We seek to manage portfolio risk and smooth market volatility in our goal to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. 



Look at Risk Differently

For most investors the pain of losing money in the stock market is far greater than the positive feelings from investment gains.  This behavior might explain why investors may panic during market corrections and make decisions that are simply not in their best long-term interest, i.e., selling low and buying high.  We believe that markets are inherently riskier than the finance industry’s traditional approaches to risk management would suggest.  Consequently, we place extra focus on downside risk management.  Read our white paper on A Risk-Managed Approach to Tactical Investing to learn more.


Offer a Range of Solutions

Our range of investment strategies offers a choice of solutions to match your investment time horizon and risk tolerance:

  • 3EDGE Income Plus Strategy for investors seeking current income with a competitive distribution yield
  • 3EDGE Conservative Strategy for shorter time horizons, risk averse investors or those relying on the portfolio for current income
  • 3EDGE Total Return Strategy for moderate risk investors focused on long-term capital appreciation
  • 3EDGE ESG Strategy for investors seeking an environmental, social and governance focus
  • 3EDGE Growth Strategy for risk-tolerant investors with a longer time horizon

Aim to Serve our Clients with Excellence

Every day, we are committed to improving all aspects of our business to help serve you better – whether it is our investment research, our operations or reaching out proactively to keep you informed.  We put technology to use extensively but know at the end of it all what makes a difference is the human interaction – understanding your needs and doing our best to allow you to meet them.

Every day, we actively work with the aim to protect your portfolio so that you can achieve your goals. 

We Look Forward to Hearing From You