Machine learning is enabling investors to tap huge data sets such as social media postings in ways that no mere human could. Yet, despite the enormous potential …
Steve Cucchiaro of 3EDGE Asset Management says the political tension in Italy could make the next election akin to a "referendum" on whether the country should stay in the eurozone.
Cheap money, one of the prime elements in the stock market boom of the last decade or almost any bull market, can’t last. It’s time to put more hard assets in the average portfolio.
President Trump has "a lot of respect" for Larry Kudlow and will likely listen to his arguments despite the differences in opinion between the two, says Steve Cucchiaro of 3EDGE.
For years, Cucchiario worked in technology, but studied quant investing in his free time
After selling a technology business, Cucchiario started investing full-time and launched Windhaven
Although firms are likely to beat earnings expectations due to low forecasts, earnings growth is likely to decelerate, says Steve Cucchiaro, president and CIO of 3EDGE.
Kurt Karl of Swiss Re and Steve Cucchiaro of 3EDGE weigh in on the potential impact of North Korea’s missile launch on markets and whether Trump will deliver on tax reforms.