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06 Dec 2019December 2019: View From the EDGE

Continued monetary stimulus from the Fed, including $60 billion per
month in balance sheet expansion beginning in October, along with
positive investor psychology have continued to propel equity markets
higher. Currently …

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06 Nov 2019November 2019 View from the EDGE

Additional monetary stimulus from the Fed combined with accommodative monetary policies from both Europe and Japan provide the potential catalyst for risk assets to appreciate further and the global economy to begin to stab

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07 Oct 2019October 2019 View from the EDGE

Despite the recent lowering of short-term interest rates by the Fed, our model research continues to indicate that U.S. equities remain significantly overvalued. Our outlook on European equities is more negative due to cont…

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09 Sep 2019September 2019 View from the EDGE

While our research already found U.S. equities to be overvalued, the ongoing trade saga between the U.S and China including the notable Chinese Yuan devaluation relative to the U.S. dollar has led our model research to lower th…

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09 Sep 2019September 2019 View from the EDGE – Podcast

August turned out to be a month which would not fall under the heading of summer doldrums.  It was a difficult month for global equities, including the S&P 500 index which declined by over 2.75%.  Also, the bond market saw int…

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