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▪ Emerging Market equities remain the most attractive of the global equity asset classes we model, due in part to the weakening U.S. dollar and easier credit conditions resulting from the extraordinary monetary stimulus provided by the Federal Reserve. U.S. equities also continue to benefit from monetary and fiscal stimulus though remain significantly overvalued. Japanese and German equities remain moderately positive.

▪ All areas of the fixed income market have been heavily influenced by policy actions from the Fed in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, placing the entirety of the fixed income asset class into the category of being overvalued relative to inflationary expectations and credit risk. Credit continues to benefit from narrowing spreads thanks to extraordinary Fed intervention, though risks of a unwind remain.

▪ A significant weakening of the U.S. dollar in July and a continued decline in real yields (nominal yields less inflation expectations) continue to make gold an attractive asset class. The weaker U.S. dollar has also served to make Commodities more attractive than they have been previously.



During the month of July, the dollar decreased in value by more than 4% against a basket of international currencies, the steepest monthly decline since 2010. A weaker U.S. dollar is beneficial to Emerging Market equities since a material portion of EM debt is denominated in U.S. dollars. A weaker dollar also allows EM countries to pursue their own easier monetary policies without the burden of having to defend their currencies. EM equities are also benefitting from steepening yield curves and tightening credit spreads - two factors that are also facilitated by the Fed’s monetary policy actions. Lastly, EM equities are currently benefitting from positive investor psychology and commensurate upside momentum. U.S. equities continue to be supported by monetary and fiscal stimulus. However, they remain significantly overvalued, and there is growing uncertainty over the potential for an economic recovery as the coronavirus continues to be widespread in the U.S. Japanese and German equities also continue to benefit from their own monetary and fiscal stimulus measures and steepening yield curves.

Our model research indicates that in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the entirety of the bond market has been heavily influenced by policy actions from the world’s central banks and in particular the Federal Reserve. As a result, interest rates continue to hover around all-time lows, placing fixed income as an asset class into the category of being overvalued relative to inflationary expectations and credit risk. The credit markets continue to benefit from narrowing corporate spreads thanks to extraordinary Fed intervention. However, this Fed induced narrowing of credit spreads also brings the potential for an unwind which indicates an unattractive risk / return trade-off.

The dramatic weakening of the U.S. dollar in July accompanied by declining real yields (nominal yields less inflation expectations) continues to make gold an attractive asset class. Commodities, which have underperformed as an asset class over the last several years, are also now more attractive thanks to the recent decline in the U.S. dollar. Commodities are another example of an asset class that can benefit from a weaker U.S. dollar, as they are generally priced in U.S. dollars.

Short-Term Fixed Income & Cash has served as dry-powder and much has been deployed to invest in the opportunities presented in EM equities, gold, and commodities.


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