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11 Jul 2020Where Do We go From Here?

At the midpoint of the year, the question on everyone’s mind is where do global capital markets go from here. In this week in review video, Steve Cucchiaro and Fritz Folts share their thoughts on:

-What might be in store for the sec…

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06 Jul 2020In Investing, Defense Still Wins Championships

After the stock market’s steep declines in February and March and the ensuing relief rally, it appears that market volatility may be one of the few things that investors can count on in a world of global pandemic, social unrest an…

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21 Mar 2020The Next Bear Market – A White Paper by Steve Cucchiaro

On February 11th 2020, Steve Cucchiaro – President & Chief Investment Officer, wrote this white paper to review warning signs that could trigger the next bear market, employing 3EDGE’s global capital marke…

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06 Feb 2020February 2020: View from the EDGE Podcast

The onset of the Coronavirus alongside recent changes in several economic indicators have increased the level of uncertainty for global economic growth.  Correspondingly, our research indicates a less positive outlook fo…

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22 Jan 2020A Tactical Approach to ESG Investing

3EDGE Asset Management (“3EDGE”) is a quantitative, tactical investment firm, constructing globally diversified portfolios through the use of index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The firm manages approximately $900M in A…

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