In our first Week in Review video of 2024, The Next Recession – Cancelled or Delayed?, 3EDGE Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and CEO and Chief Investment Officer Steve Cucchiaro discuss: Has the recession almost everyone thought was inevitable last year been avoided altogether, or has it just been delayed? The difference between the impact of monetary vs. fiscal stimulus on the economy and the markets How might investors consider positioning their portfolios here in the first month of the new year?
3EDGE Asset Management invites YOU to join us and a select group of financial advisors in Lehi, UT, for our 2024 Financial Advisor Forum.
In View From the EDGE®: 2023 in the Books!, Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and Deputy CIO Eric Biegeleisen review the latest on our outlook for global capital markets and the various asset classes we model. We suspect that 2024 will prove to be another interesting year in the markets, and we look forward to keeping you apace of all the developments the year may bring.
In our final weekend video for 2023, The Fed Pivots – Implications for Investors, 3EDGE Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and CEO and Chief Investment Officer Steve Cucchiaro discuss what are the broader implications for capital markets in the coming year if the Fed does indeed begin to cut rates?
3EDGE Chief Investment Strategist, Fritz Folts, joined TD Ameritrade Network's Ben Lichenstein for an in-depth segment on the current market environment around gold.
In this weekend's video, Fed Rate Cuts – Good or Bad for the Markets?, 3EDGE Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and CEO/CIO Steve Cucchiaro discuss the following: The dramatic change of consensus on Wall Street - away from interest rates staying higher for longer and towards a new narrative of no more rate increases with potential cuts coming early next year. If the Fed does begin to cut rates in the first half of 2024, will it matter why they are cutting rates? What has occurred throughout market history following the Fed's first rate cut after a period of monetary tightening?
Chinese equity markets have been depressed for some time, so we look to the east for this weekend's video: Emerging Market Equities – Poised for a Rebound? Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and CEO/CIO Steve Cucchiaro discuss: Why our global capital markets model considers Chinese and Emerging Market (EM) equities to be undervalued; The factors that make Chinese and EM equities attractive; Why these equity markets could be poised for a rebound.
The title of this month’s View from the EDGE® newsletter is: Investing in a Time of Radical Uncertainty, which we feel aptly describes how it feels particularly difficult for today's investors to anticipate the future of the economy and the markets. Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and Deputy CIO Eric Biegeleisen will review our outlook for the global capital markets across the asset classes we model and discuss the unusually wide gap between the potential optimistic and pessimistic scenarios that could play out in the months ahead.
In this weekend video, 3EDGE’s Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and CEO/CIO Steve Cucchiaro discuss the recent invasion of Israel by Hamas. News of the invasion is one of those events that renders all other news irrelevant. With a heavy heart, we discuss the potential impact of this deeply distressing human tragedy on global capital markets.
In our latest monthly View From the EDGE, Fritz Folts, 3EDGE's Chief Investment Strategist, and Eric Biegeleisen, Deputy CIO, review the output of the 3EDGE global capital model and how it might guide our investment decisions as we enter the final quarter of 2023.