In the July 2024 edition of View From the EDGE®: Summer's Party in Equities Continues – For Now, 3EDGE Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and Deputy CIO Eric Biegeleisen review our outlook for the global capital markets and the various asset classes we model.
In this weekend video, 3EDGE’s Chief Investment Strategist, Fritz Folts and Deputy CIO Eric Biegeleisen delve into our outlook for the global capital markets in the latest edition of View From the EDGE® – Divergent Monetary Policies–Now What?. A special focus is given to India, considering the recent elections and its long-term outlook. Adding a unique perspective to this segment, 3EDGE’s President, Monica Chandra, shares her insights on the elections, the potential implications for the Indian economy, and India's long-term outlook.
3EDGE Asset Management recently promoted Eric Biegeleisen to Partner and Ashley Koed to Vice President, Operations & Client Service and announced the addition of Lawrence Jules as Vice President, Head Trader and member of the Investment Committee, effective January 3, 2022.
3EDGE Asset Management LP, a leading multi-asset investment management firm, announced today the appointment of Monica Chandra as President. Chandra is a Managing Partner and part of 3EDGE's founding team and was most recently responsible for Business Development.