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Recent Market Commentary 

The topic for our weekend video is Adios, "Soft Landing" ...Now What? Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts, and Deputy CIO, Eric Biegeleisen, discuss: •The potential impact of last week's CPI report •How 3EDGE's proprietary model informs the Investment Committee of the possible effects of inflation on global capital markets.
As we do at the beginning of each month, Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts and Deputy CIO Eric Biegeleisen bring you the latest View From the EDGE®. They review our outlook for the global capital markets and various asset classes and how that guides our investment decisions.
The topic of this video is The Era of the Fed Put – Is It Over? Fritz Folts, our Chief Investment Strategist, and Steve Cucchiaro, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, discuss: • Will the highest inflation rate in 40 years end an era of the Fed coming to the rescue of the economy and the markets? • What could this mean for the markets going forward?