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YT January

Each week we produce a Week in Review video where we share our thoughts on topical issues


  • Hear from 3EDGE Chief Investment Officer Steve Cucchiaro and Chief Investment Strategist Fritz Folts on what’s impacting the market and the economy


  • The video will be emailed every Saturday morning and will also be available through our portal for CAAP® Advisors.

Monthly View From the EDGE®


  • A link to the monthly View From the Edge® will be emailed at the beginning of each month


  • The View from the EDGE® is available as a Video, Podcast or a PDF file to watch, listen or read at your leisure
January VFE
Webinar Title

Quarterly Webinar 


  • Overview of how 3EDGE performed during the quarter


  • Presented by Steve Cucchiaro, Founder and Chief Investment Officer and Fritz Folts, Chief Investment Strategist at 3EDGE Asset Management

Available to assist Advisors to mix-and-match 3EDGE solutions in a multi-manager portfolio


  • A seasoned sales team to assist you in determining how your clients can best utilize the 3EDGE Portfolios


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About 3EDGE 

3EDGE Asset Management, LP, is a global, multi-asset investment management firm serving institutional investors, the advisor marketplace and private clients. 3EDGE strategies act as tactical diversifiers, seeking to generate consistent, long-term investment returns, regardless of market conditions, while managing downside risks.

The primary investment vehicles utilized in portfolio construction are index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The investment research process is driven by the firm’s proprietary global capital markets model.  The model is tested over the widest variety of economic and market conditions and translates decades of research and investment experience into a system of causal rules and algorithms to describe global capital market behavior. 3EDGE offers a full suite of solutions, each with a target rate of return and risk parameters, to meet investors’ different objectives.