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Download our complimentary paper to explore how advisors can help their clients meet their investment objective and invest for the greater good.

The ESG investment landscape can be confusing, and it may not be obvious where to begin or how to provide reliable investment solutions to clients.  In this white paper, 3EDGE Asset Management’s Chief Investment Strategist, Fritz Folts and Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Eric Biegeleisen, discuss the following topics:

  • 3EDGE's methodology to evaluate and select ESG ETFs.

  • Our emphasis on ETFs with a low/small carbon footprint.

  • An example of how a hypothetical investment in the 3EDGE ESG Strategy can be measured in terms of its impact on the environment.

Download the paper, A Tactical Approach to ESG Investing to learn how 3EDGE’s ESG strategies seek to generate both an attractive risk-adjusted return as well as a positive, long-term impact on society, the environment, and the behavior of businesses.

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