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22 Aug 2018Will Markets React to Guilty Pleas and Convictions?

Click on this link to hear Chief Investment Strategist, Fritz Folts, speak about the markets.

DISCLOSURES: The opinions expressed in this interview are those of DeFred G Folts III of 3EDGE Asset Management (“3EDGE”) and a…

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06 Aug 2018Q2 2018 Investor Letter

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13 Jul 2018Investment Management in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – – We do that!

June 2018

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are everywhere.  In the words of Tad Friend at The New Yorker magazine, “AI has grown so ubiquitous — owing to advances in chip design, processing power and bi…

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31 May 2018Expect more ‘uncertainty’ because of Italian politics

Steve Cucchiaro says the political tension in Italy could make the next election akin to a “referendum” on whether the country should stay in the eurozone. Click on link below:

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08 May 2018Time to Protect Your Clients

Financial Advisor Magazine’s Gregory Bresiger shares his takeaways from a 3EDGE Press Roundtable.  Click here:

DISCLAIMER: The opinions ex…

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