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By: Kelly McColough

19 Feb 2020Because: Market Melt-Up The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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During the recent recording of our View from the Edge podcast, which I record every month with Eric Biegeleisen, Director of Research, I exclaimed half-jokingly that at this point it feels as though t…

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07 Feb 2020February View from the EDGE

The Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is creating uncertainty related to its potential impact on economic demand and supply chain management centered in Asia. At the same time, recent changes in several economic indicators such as fa…

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06 Feb 2020February View from the EDGE Podcast

The onset of the Coronavirus alongside recent changes in several economic indicators have increased the level of uncertainty for global economic growth.  Correspondingly, our research indicates a less positive outlook fo…

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22 Jan 2020A Tactical Approach to ESG Investing

3EDGE Asset Management (“3EDGE”) is a quantitative, tactical investment firm, constructing globally diversified portfolios through the use of index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The firm manages approximately $900M in A…

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08 Jan 2020January View From the EDGE Podcast

We begin the year of 2020 summarizing the fourth quarter of 2019 and looking ahead into the new year. The fourth quarter was strong with China trade talks being positive. This helped ease investor fears of an imminent recession&…

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